Forensics. Investigation of corporative crimes

We deal with identification and preventive care of corporative crimes. In the case of offence we help save, structure, document the evidentiary foundation in a proper way in order to go further in punishment of the guilty and compensation of the damage caused.

We do our best in regulating the situations on the maximum favourable terms regarding assets and business reputation of the company. We provide complete confidenciality.

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Our services in this field include:

  • Direct stealing of monetary funds and other assets

We closely study the subject and circumstances of the stealing, evaluate the circumstances which made the stealing possible, analyse the accountant notes and digital data — in order to reveal other, similar stealings, then we structure the data received to proceed with response measures.

  • Payments for fancy goods, works, services

We investigate, describe and submit the information for settlement of damages, caused by a corporative crime. You can use the information for negotiations or in appealing to law inforcement bodies

  • Transactions with potentially affiliated (as well as indirectly) parties

We assist in identification and prevention of corruption manifests on every stage of major deals at work with current contracting partners. Usually the crime is commited in the course of a long-term work with a client — it lets the personnel build up non-official relations with employees of a contracting partners and use them against the interests of the company.

  • Transactions made on non-market terms

We investigate tansactions made with over-/underpricing and identify the ultimate beneficiaries of the said operations. We elaborate measures for compensation of the caused damage through negotiations or in the judicial procedure.

  • Tansactions within «conflict of interest»

We identify hidden relations between the company personnel and contracting partners. It lets prevent and exclude in the future the deals with the companies which have potential liaisons with employees — including the indirect ones, as well as with the companies related to the same corporate structure, or having the same beneficiaries.

  • Use of the company’s assets and official position by the personnel in their personal purposes

We investigate and describe corporative crimes when the contradictions between the founders and the company’s leadership come up. In such cases, the line between legal relations and the crime is quite blurred.

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