Services for private clients

We assist in dealing with issues related to the rights defense and representation of interests in different spheres of legal relations. We render services in the sphere of economic security, management of personal assets and complex legal and consulting services.

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Services in the field of management of personal assets

  • expertise, planning, structuring of family assets
  • elaboration of «actions plans» subject to different situations and their further realisation
  • expertise ans riscs assessment within investments procedure
  • legal support of transactions with assets on the territory of Russia, Europe, North America.
  • representation of interests within personal assets issues in all bodies of the Russian Federation including law enforcement bodies
  • consulting in the field of taxation at work with personal assets
  • consulting on other issues of personal assets

Services in the field of legal problems solving:

  • representation of interests in the course of interaction with Homeowner Association, Holding Company, Gardeners’ Non-commercial Partnership
  • solution of issues on recovery of caused damage in different situations
  • representation of interests in the field of legislation about the consumer rights protection
  • representation of interests in the sphere of protection of honor and dignity
  • representation of interests in all government bodies including law enforcement bodies
  • interaction with law enforcement bodies with regard to procecution of the guilty
  • consulting on other legal issues

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«West Garant» provides legal services within Russian and international law in all branches of economy:

Settlement of disputes


of corporative crimes

Legal support
of commercial

Legal support
of investment

Corporative law

Labor law

Taxes and tax

and trade marks

and legal defense


of problem assets

Legal and anticrime
defense of the business

Audit of a company
security service

Services for
private clients

Addresses of the offices:

Moscow, 24/2, Malaya Dmitrovka Street
+ 7 495 142 03 77
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