Message from the Managing Partner

Our office successfully combines the classical principles of traditional advocacy with the modern demands of life.

We are accurate in forecasts, creative in approaches, consistent in implementation and responsible in results.

For us, trust is the most important thing, so we are trusted with the most valuable.

Ришат Абдулгазин - адвокат
Managing partner, advocate
Rishat Abdulgazin
Ришат Абдулгазин - адвокат
The principles of our work are:


«West Garant» provides legal services within Russian and international law in all branches of economy:

Representation in court

Pre-trial settlement (mediation)


Corporate disputes

Acquisition and Merger (M&A)

Intellectual property rights

Management of distressed assets

Tax practice (Tax disputes)

Comprehensive programs (Subscription service)

Due Diligence


Earth. Construction.

Antimonopoly regulation

Criminal practice

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of successful solutions of our clients' tasks

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projects within main practices


key directions

Geography of projects

Russia, Europe, China, UAE

What will you obtain if you choose

«West Garant»

Assurance in achievement of the targetted result — we make only achievable promisses

Full information about dates, project expenses, our actions and planned results right after the work starts

100% confidenciality and absolute completeness of the legal support

Exclusive approach — we deal only with a few cases at a time in order to devote maximum effort and time to our clients

Assurance in that we do not work for ‘two parties’ — we value the reputation and we are oriented on your result

We take into consideration all your expectations and treat carefully the slightest nuances in order to achieve the most effective result

We solve tasks both on the territory of the Russian Federation and in foreign jurisdictions

The most optimal solutions for your case — years of practice let us obtain the best of the possible results

In a well-argued manner we will propose an optimal solution suitable for both parties

we are trusted

Addresses of the offices:

Moscow, 24/2, Malaya Dmitrovka Street
+ 7 495 142 03 77

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